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SINCE 2016

Beijing Kelin Zhixing Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Kelin Zhixing Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is registered in Changping Park, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. The production and processing base covers an area of 37000 square meters, with an existing industrial factory building area of 24000 square meters. Beijing Kelin Zhixing Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive environmental protection enterprise engaged in the development, manufacturing, and sales of water treatment equipment technology. Over the years, based on the introduction, digestion, and absorption of advanced water treatment technologies from abroad, a series of sewage treatment equipment with independent intellectual property rights have been formed, which have been widely promoted and applied in various projects.


Main equipment, but not limited to:

1. Grille equipment: rotary mechanical grille, stepped grille, internal inlet mesh grille, hydraulic screen, flat grille

2. Filtering equipment: quartz sand filtration tank, activated carbon filtration tank, fiber ball filtration tank

3. Advanced treatment equipment: denitrification deep bed filter, integrated equipment, ultrafiltration water treatment products, reverse osmosis water treatment products, air flotation products (high-efficiency dissolved air flotation, high-efficiency combined air flotation, high-efficiency concave air flotation), high-efficiency clarification tank, inclined plate sedimentation tank, oil-water separator, fully automatic dosing complete equipment, pure alkali and activated carbon dosing system, rotary disc filter (internal inlet and external inlet)

4. Dehydration equipment: Belt type concentration and pressing integrated machine, stacked screw dehydration equipment

5. Conveying equipment: screw conveyor, high drainage press, belt conveyor, chute

6. Mud scraper: peripheral drive mud scraper, DEWA non-metallic chain mud scraper, central drive mud scraper, sludge thickener, bridge sand suction machine, sand water separator

7. Other equipment: ceramic flat membrane, decanter (float type decanter, high-efficiency rotary decanter), large storage tank, UASB anaerobic tank, fully automatic sludge hopper, various material silos, spark gap shell, BAF filter supporting products, composting treatment process, various round and square gates, etc.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, survival based on quality, and development based on reputation", and has received praise from a large number of users for many years.

Corporate vision

To forge ahead, pursue excellence, serve society, and benefit the people.

Enterprise tenet

Integrity and pragmatism, serving every customer with sincerity.

Business philosophy

Credit first, customer first. Let customers rest assured, pursue endlessly, keep up with the times, and create the future.

Service philosophy

The needs of customers are the direction we strive for, and customer satisfaction is our pursuit.

Corporate spirit

Self-cultivation, moral cultivation, unity, hard work, love, innovation


Goal One

The one-time delivery acceptance rate of the product shall not be less than 97%.


Goal 2

Contract liability performance rate of 99.9%;


Goal three

Customer satisfaction of more than 90%