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Mesh grille

The screen grille pollution device produced by our company is composed of a group of continuously rotating filter screen plates, which are placed in a fixed frame. The sewage to be filtered enters the filter screen from the middle opening and filters impurities through the screen plate from the inside to the outside. With the continuous rotation of the screen plate, the impurities deposited on the inner side of the screen plate are lifted to the slag discharge area by the lifting step on the screen plate, and the dirt is washed to the dirt collection tank by the washing water on the top of the grid machine.

Activated carbon adsorption filter cylinder

The activated carbon adsorption filter cylinder adopts hydraulic simulation long diameter design, and adopts activated carbon with reasonable particle size and specific surface area greater than 1000 ㎡/g, so that it has both upper filtration and lower adsorption functions, greatly improving the degree of water purification and carbon The service life.

Quartz sand filter

Quartz sand filter, scientific name shallow medium filter (English: Shallow medium filter), it uses quartz sand as a filter medium, under a certain pressure, the water with high turbidity is filtered through a certain thickness of granular or non-granular quartz sand, effectively intercepting and removing suspended solids, organic matter, colloidal particles, microorganisms, chlorine, smell and some heavy metal ions in the water, to reduce water turbidity, water purification effect of a filter equipment.

Stacked screw sludge dewatering machine

Stacked screw sludge dewatering machine is a new type of solid-liquid separation equipment that uses the principle of screw extrusion, through the strong extrusion pressure generated by the change of screw diameter and pitch, and the tiny gap between the moving ring and the fixed ring to realize the extrusion dewatering of sludge.

Dissolved air floatation machine

Dissolved air flotation machine is used to remove all kinds of sewage suspended solids, grease and various jelly equipment. The dissolved gas equipment used by our company is a dissolved gas pipe. Under a certain pressure environment, the air is dissolved in water and released, forming tiny bubbles to effectively adhere to the dirt in the water and float to the water surface to complete the solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation process.

Spiral dehydrator

KLLY screw dewatering machine is a new type of dewatering device with low speed, full closure and continuous operation. Its interior is composed of a screen, a variable pitch pressing screw with a reasonable gradient and a cleaning device.

Vortex concave air floatation machine

Vortex concave type air flotation machine, mainly to remove the grease in the sewage, jelly and solid suspended solids equipment. It is easy to operate and economical to run; it is the process of introducing air into the impeller at high speed, breaking the air to form "micro bubbles", and distributing the "micro bubbles" evenly in the sewage through the air dispersing impeller.

Mesh grille

The screen grille is a kind of special equipment for water treatment that can continuously and automatically intercept and remove various shapes of debris in the fluid. It can be widely used in urban sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment. It is especially suitable for the upgrading of urban sewage and the pretreatment of membrane process, which can effectively improve and improve the efficiency of the subsequent core treatment facilities. At the same time, it can also be used as a pre-screening equipment in the wastewater treatment process of textile, food processing, papermaking, leather and other industries. It is installed on the sewage channel, the inlet of the sump of the pump house or the end of the sewage plant to intercept suspended or floating objects.

Solid-liquid separator

KLGY-type integrated solid-liquid separator is a device that integrates screw grid machine, slag discharge machine, sand conveying screw and other machinery. Feces and sewage first enter the sedimentation area, where solids with large specific gravity settle. Sediment, together with mud and sand conveyed by the sand conveying screw, is lifted, pressed and dewatered by the slag discharge machine and discharged from the discharge port. Feces and sewage flow through the sedimentation area into the grid area, flow through the spiral grid machine, the debris larger than the grid distance is trapped, the slag falls into the central hopper, and is discharged from the discharge port after screw conveying, squeezing and dewatering. After the feces and sewage of the spiral grid machine flow through the grid area and then flow out of the machine to achieve solid-liquid separation. The solid slag discharged from the spiral grille machine and the slag discharge machine falls into other collection devices and is transported away.

Belt type concentrating and squeezing machine

Uses: As the drum thickening belt press filter integrated machine integrates sludge thickening and belt pressing, it overcomes the disadvantages of low sludge concentration and greatly improves the sludge treatment capacity. Compared with the traditional dewatering equipment (belt press), it has the advantages of energy saving and large treatment capacity, and can not only be used for urban sewage treatment, but also can be widely used in papermaking, leather, chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, metallurgy, brewing, food and other industries wastewater treatment. Because of its advanced nature, the machine will be more and more widely used.
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