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Talent is the company's primary resource
People-oriented, let employees live a happier life

★We will formulate a long-term mechanism for the introduction, reserve, evaluation, supervision and guarantee of high-quality and high-level scientific and technological talents, build special scientific research rooms, attract more talents to carry out scientific research, and ensure that talents can be attracted, retained and used well.

★From the employee's position sequence, rank, organize staff training and learning. Through refined and targeted training courses to enhance personal ability, improve work performance, promote professional quality, and achieve workplace development.

★All-round protection of employees' "medical, food, housing and transportation", so that employees can work comfortably and live happily.

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Whether it is the training of young talents in colleges and universities or the career development of employees, we always take the transportation of talents in the industry and the sharing of global human resources as our own responsibility. Skills enhancement and career development, recognition of employees and their achievements, and respect for diversity are decisive factors for companies to attract talents, stimulate potential, and ensure loyalty. We make this a priority and pay close attention to the development of employees.