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Water treatment craftsman



description of job:
1. Responsible for the preparation of plan drawings, preliminary plans and construction drawings of water treatment projects;
2. Responsible for the initial technical support, site survey, technical exchange and other related technical work;
3. Responsible for the verification of the technical performance and parameters of the purchased equipment by the procurement department;
4. Responsible for technical support and training of after-sales personnel;
5. Responsible for technical support for general contract or subcontracting in construction projects;
6. Responsible for completing other tasks delivered by the company and the department.
skill requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in water supply and drainage design, environmental engineering, etc.;
2. Have more than three years of relevant design work experience in wastewater treatment;
3. Familiar with industry-related design specifications and applications at home and abroad, familiar with professional design procedures and specifications;
4. Responsible and responsible, with good language skills, communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit;
5, skilled use of office, CAD and other office software and water treatment process technology calculation;
6. Familiar with water treatment process design such as sewage treatment is preferred.

Key words: