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Automation control engineer



description of job:
1. Independently complete the design and drawing design of the self-control professional;
2. Independently complete the selection design of DCS or PLC configuration selection, instrument and other control equipment, familiar with the control professional design process and related standards and specifications, familiar with mainstream brands, and be able to independently select;
3. Completing related design work with other majors such as craftsmanship;
5. Participate in workshop debugging and verify the software compiled by it;
6. Familiar with the electrical professional construction drawing design;
7. Assist the Purchasing Department in consulting appropriate equipment and parts suppliers, determine the name and type of the electronic and control system, and store the consumable parts according to the actual situation;
8. Cooperate with the Ministry of Commerce to carry out the necessary on-site services.
9. Complete the special tasks and temporary tasks assigned by the supervisor.
skill requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in automation control or related major, with the title of engineer with intermediate or above;
2. More than 3 years working experience in automation control system, with rich experience in design and debugging;
3. Master the relevant design specifications, installation and management knowledge of the project automation;
4. Proficiency in the performance of various electrical and instrumentation, and independent debugging and verification;
5. It can organize and coordinate the construction drawing design of this major and coordinate the cooperation with other majors, and analyze and solve problems.
6. Have good communication and coordination skills, high work enthusiasm, and good professional ethics;
7, skilled use of Wincc configuration software, proficient in the programming, debugging and mutual communication of Siemens plc200, plc300
Method of bit communication;
8, skilled use of office software such as AUTOCAD and OFFICE.

Key words: